Nina Tangri


A Record of Working For You

Nina Tangri is the PC Candidate for Mississauga-Streetsville and Ontario’s Minister of Small Business and Red Tape Reduction. Nina is known for her tireless volunteer work and strong advocacy for Mississauga residents. She has received the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Award for her recognition. Prior to politics, she was a successful entrepreneur and small business owner […]

Nina's Story

Nina Tangri and Doug Ford will stand up for families in Mississauga—Streetsville

Only Doug Ford and Nina Tangri Will Get It Done

Other parties spend all their time complaining or looking to take us back to the past. Only Doug Ford and the Ontario PCs can get it done for you and your family. The Ontario PCs are the only party with a real plan: Rebuilding Ontario’s economy with new good, well-paying manufacturing jobs, more support for local […]

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Advance Polls Now Open from May 19-28

ADVANCE POLLS ARE NOW OPEN MAY 19-28 FROM 10AM-8PM. Skip the lines on Election Day and go out and vote early. If you or someone you know needs a ride to a polling station, call the Nina Tangri Campaign office at 905-667-7111.

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